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Ellie is Back from the Brink

We first heard about Nels Rasmussen's Healing Ministry for Animals from Laurie's co-worker when she learned that our Welsh Corgi had injured her spine and was unable to walk.

After taking "Ellie" to her regular Vet and having her examined, we were told that she had damaged her spine, but that with lots of rest and medication, she could possibly walk again. We tried for 2 months giving her the medicine and trying to keep her as quiet as possible without improvement. "Ellie's" spirits were deteriorating and depression was setting in. She stopped eating  and looked like she had given up. We were not sure she would ever walk again.

We called Dr. Nels and brought "Ellie" in to see him at the Jet City Animal Clinic where he meets animal clients in Seattle. After his initial examination, he began his "Healing" therapy and "Ellie's" response was very encouraging. After her first visit, her appetite improved, her eyes became clearer and her attitude changed dramatically. With each bi-weekly visit, she continued to gain strength and determination to get mobile again.

Now, after only four visits with Dr. Nels, she is walking again on her own and her attitude is amazing. Our little girl is back with us again and we are so happy. We have great respect for Dr. Nels and highly recommend him to anyone whose pet's may be suffering. His "Healing" therapy is amazing. He even helps people too!

Charlie and Laurie M.